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ANA Highlights Neurogenetics*ABPN SA Credits offered for the full 5.5 hour course

ANA Highlights Neurogenetics - now available as individual chapters!

Chapter 1: Introduction to Neurogenetics - 1.5 CME

  1. Genetic Counseling
  2. Chromosomal Microarray
  3. Separate Mechanisms of Genetic Variation
  4. Moving Beyond the Exome - Case Studies and Research Options

Chapter 2: Emerging Issues in Neurogenetics - 2 CME

  1. Somatic Mosaicism
  2. Big Data
  3. Variants of Uncertain Significance
  4. Diversity in Genetic Databases

Chapter 3: Clinical Utility of Neurogenetics - 2 CME

  1. The Power of Foundations
  2. The Value of Single Gene Disorder Diagnoses
  3. Genetics in Common Neurodegenerative Disorders

Chapter 4: Ethical Considerations in Neurogenetics - 2 CME

  1. Pediatrics & Individualized Medicine
  2. Medical-Legal Principles & Privacy Considerations
  3. Precision Medicine: Engaging and Supporting Historically Excluded Patients
  4. Genetic Testing for Alzheimer’s Disease - Ethical & Practical Issues
ANA Highlights Statistical Snapshots*ABPN SA Credits offered
ANA Highlights: The Placebo Effect
ANA Highlights Gene Therapy

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