Special Interest Group 2021: Neurocritical Care (recording)

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Session Title: Curing Coma: Past, Present, and Future of Coma Science

Description: Coma and disorders of consciousness are commonly associated with the most severe of neurological injuries in our patients in the Neurointensive Care unit. As providers, we are limited in our ability to accurately diagnose and predict which patients will recover and which will have the worst of outcomes. We need to improve our ability to accurately diagnose the spectrum of disorders of consciousness, understand the underlying mechanisms of coma, and identify potential treatment interventions. Most importantly to our patients and their families, we need to have more accuracy in our determination of which patients can recover. In partnership with the Curing Coma campaign, a global campaign to develop and implement coma treatment strategies that improve human lives, we have invited global ambassadors and experts in coma science to discuss the challenges and potential solutions for the care of comatose patients.

Chair: Nerissa Ko, MD, MAS, University of California, San Francisco

Co-Chair: Marion Buckwalter, MD, PhD, Stanford University


  • To understand the limitations of our current clinical and diagnostic tools for the comatose patient
  • To incorporate advanced imaging and EEG in the care of the comatose patient
  • To understand the different endotypes of coma and the potential for treatment and prognosis
  • To learn the future role of data in coma research


The Science of Current Bedside Care of the Comatose Patient


Gisele Sampiao Silva, MD, MPH, PhD

Federal University of São Paulo, Brazil | UNIFESP/HIAE

Beyond the Neurological Exam: Endotyping Coma for Prognosis and Intervention


Robert Stevens, MD

Johns Hopkins University

Data Science in the Quest to Cure Coma


Soojin Park, MD

Columbia University

Using Advanced Imaging and EEG in Routine Coma Care: The European Academy of Neurology Guidelines


Daniel Kondziella MD, PhD, FEBN

Copenhagen University Hospital, Rigshospitalet

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